Early learning programs for day care fun!

Friday Meal Plan


 Infants 1    

6-8 oz Breastmilk or Formula

0-4 oz Cereal

0-2 TBS Fruit and Vegetable

See Parent Feeding Plan


Infants 2

Infants will eat table food as Feeding   Plan Allows

Toddlers 1 and 2 

¼ PB-Honey Sandwich

½ oz Cheese Puffs

¼ C Celery & Carrot Sticks

1/8 C Apple Sauce

4 oz Whole Milk


K-3 and Above

½ PB-Honey Sandwich

½ oz Cheese Puffs

½ C Celery & Carrot Sticks

¼ C Apple Sauce

6 oz Whole Milk

Morning Snacks


½ Mixed Fruit Muffin

4-6 Oz Milk

Afternoon Snack- Infants and Toddlers


1-Scoop Ice Cream

Choice Toppings

 Afternoon Snack- K-3 and K-4

1 ½ Scoop Ice Cream

Choice Toppings


Afternoon Snack- ASP

2 Scoops Ice Cream

Choice Toppings



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